Are you a manager in the manufacturing industry?

Do you have difficulties managing and tracking quality inspections, maintenance inspections, or other manufacturing process controls?

  • Using Excel as a planning and process management tool is inefficient and limiting.

  • Don't know the real-time status on-site or on the shop floor of the progress of projects or tasks.

  • Using paper-based forms for inspections and checkups, which are time-consuming to fill out and calculate the data.

i-Repo Project

Real-time visualization of status and progress for manufacturing, inspections, and more!
Centralize and digitize your entire workflow, including planning, work orders, and inspection forms.

i-Repo Project is flexible

It's simple and easy to use,
yet multifunctional!

Suitable for any business

i-Repo Project is designed with the shop and manufacturing floor in mind and to be easy for anyone to use.
Create custom workflows taylored to each individual customer.
Features such as auto generated Gantt charts and other features minimize time needed to input and verify data using a number of operators to create work processes.

Easy to set up a workflow/Automatic Gantt chart creation

i-Repo Project is real-time

View projects and the process of tasks in real-time

Get real-time status updates in three (3) ways!

Three (3) different ways to visualize the real-time status of your manufacturing operations let you know the status of work such as quality inspections that have not started, are in progress or are completed.

Task list/Kanban/Gantt chart

i-Repo Project is "anytime, anywhere"

Check work orders "anytime, anywhere" on your smartphone or tablet!

Use your smartphone or tablet to check work orders wherever you are at any time. You can also update work performance.

i-Repo Project is integrated with i-Reporter

Digitize inspection forms to be more efficient!

Free yourself from the restrictions of paperwork!

Use familiar forms based on Excel or PDFs directly on iPads, eliminating the need to use and manage inefficient paper.
Because i-Repo Project and i-Reporter are tightly integrated, launch the correct form right from the work order. This makes any task quicker to start up and ensures the right form is used every time.

*i-Reporter requires a separate license.


i-Repo Project is integrated

Integrates with email, chat systems, and other systems!

Built-in API and Webhooks allow integration with external systems and communication software, making integration with existing systems possible.

Update and retrieve information via the API/Integrate with email, Slack, Teams, and more

For those who have deployed i-Reporter or for those that haven't!

Do you have any of these issues
with your on-site project management?

  • ・Our organization uses i-Reporter to digitize forms, but we need better Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) management and implementation.
  • ・We want to link work orders performed on-site to forms with i-Reporter
  • ・There is a need for real-time updates if work has been completed or is in progress
  • ・On-site whiteboards with vital information of work needs to be accessible remotely and digitized

All work orders, their progress, and i-Reporter reports need to be easily managed from one system!

Example Scenarios

Scenario 01

Inspection process during HVAC manufacturing


    • ・The inspection process is manual and not standardized
    • ・Inspections span multiple paper forms
    • ・Final inspections are time-consuming due to having to check all previous inspection at each stage was completed
    • ・No way to have a real-time update of the progress of the inspection

    • ・Inspection process is now standardized
    • ・All inspections are performed on digital forms with i-Reporter
    • ・Able to enforce high level of quality assurance with a strict inspection process
    • ・Real-time monitoring of processes
View the improvements

Scenario 02

Industrial sensor inspections


    • ・Work is inefficient due to inspections being done on paper forms
    • ・Unable to track the progress through the entire inspection process
    • ・The entire process is paper based
    • ・Have to do double the work entering data into external systems

    • ・Tablet PCs were deployed across the factory, all forms are on i-Reporter eliminating paper inspection forms making the factory paperless.
    • ・The entire inspection process is visualized and updates are in real-time
    • ・Data is shared across multiple systems using the i-Reporter/i-Repo Project API
View the improvements

Scenario 03

Production line equipment inspections


    • ・Paperless system in use already with i-Reporter
    • ・Planning data stored in the production management system
    • ・Work processes (filling out forms, which forms to use, etc) are not clear for those on-site
    • ・In the event of production delays, need to know exact timing when to speed up the production

    • ・Understanding the "full picture" of the data collected using i-Reporter forms
    • ・Scheduling is visualized as are results
    • ・Integration with the production management system via the API
    • ・Easily performs on the production floor
View the improvements

Scenario 04

Visualizing work across multiple factories


    • ・Already deployed i-Reporter
    • ・Construction time is long and overall progress is not easy to determine
    • ・It is time-consuming to contact people at the subcontracted factories for updates
    • ・Difficulties sharing information between relavant parties across each site

    • ・Expand use of i-Reporter for various works
    • ・Easy to see status at each site
    • ・Reduced times contacting people to get updates
    • ・Centralized management and data storage allows access to necessary information by everyone
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Customer can make a choice from on-premise version,
on-premise subscription version and cloud version depending on the requirement.

  • On-premise version
    (In-house server construction)

  • Subscription
    (On-Premise&flat-rate pricing)

  • Cloud
    (ASP&flat-rate pricing)


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Greatly improves the efficiency during inspections and management of manufacturing processes

Project management tool

i-Repo Project

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Greatly improves the efficiency during inspections and management of manufacturing processes

Project management tool

i-Repo Project

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